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About Me


Alyssa Stringfellow

Alyssa is a born creative. From a very young age whilst traveling the globe with her family Alyssa started writing stories and forcing her family to sit through solo musical theater acts of her creations.

Alyssa grew up in wales, NZ and then naturalized to Australia at the age of 18, where she undertook mentor-ship with “Sandra Lee Patterson” an inspiring acting tutor who focuses on “on camera acting”. From there she has worked with Bob Corf accent coach, Ivana Chubbock studios, Paul Weber and The Audition Technique through Greg Apps .

Alyssa is a quirky, hard working, driven to continue to work in the creative industries.

Alyssa is also dedicated to health and well-being, she loves her guitar, where she uses music as her journal and more often than not you can find Alyssa in her garden, where she produces as much fresh life as she can helping to avoid contribution to plastic waste.